Let Us "Light Up" Your School Experience This Year!

Windows of Wisdom
is an education nonprofit offering:

Entertaining Video Courses

Engaging Textbooks

Effective Workbooks

Life-Changing Micro-Schools

All based on the stained-glass masterpieces:

Roots of Knowledge
Seven Pillars of Humanity

Why Stained Glass?


That is the appropriate response when you look at these windows! And luckily, that is also our acronym!

How WoW Works

  • 3rd through 8th grade students watch short, pre-recorded videos daily. With videos this good, some kids have been known to get started even before their parents get out of bed! Learn More.

  • Teachers guide learning so adults don’t have to do it all. Families can use WoW for the best History content ever or add on Language Arts and Math courses for the easiest homeschooling year yet! Learn More.

  • Students complete fun activities in their workbooks along with the teacher. Sure, students can manage the program independently, but don’t be surprised if Mom and Dad end up watching along or sneaking the textbook for some late night reading on their own! Learn More.

  • Windows of Wisdom is affordable with two different monthly memberships- priced per family and not per student. No more being punished for loving all of your kids! Learn More.

  • The WoW program is completely customizable and can be done on your own or with neighbors and friends. Think taking turns, co-ops once a week, or going big with a micro-school. The possibilities are endless! Learn More.

  • We “lighten” the homeschool load on parents while “lighting” up a child’s excitement and love of learning. WoW is the most unique program to hit homeschooling in forever! What are you waiting for? Learn More.


Amanda - Parent participating in a microschool in Rigby Idaho

We have learned sooooo much in this program. All the teachers are so skilled and knowledgable. During Brain Bank, the kids get so excited when they remember Roots of Knowledge window images that they end up shouting at the screen. We love gathering with our studio school group. The students love sharing their essays with each other. As parents, we have been amazed at how their writing has improved this year.

Andrea - Mother of 6th Grade Student

"Your program has been a lifesaver. My son has easily been able to tackle it on his own with minimal help, which has been so helpful to me! He has learned so much in just a few months. The short, small tasks are so helpful for kids. The videos are never boring. It is so nice to see the teacher instead of just hearing a voice and seeing a screen. We love Windows of Wisdom. It is exciting, well planned, and fun! This is a big contrast from other homeschooling programs we have tried."

Cambria - Mother of a 5th Grader

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program. This year is our best homeschooling year yet! The saying “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” floats around our house frequently as Kate is blowing us away with the information she is retaining. She loves school and never wants to stop learning about each subject. So we end up studying the subject further because she loves each subject so much!!!

Amanda - Mother of a 6th Grade Student

We love your program! My son is in 6th grade and I could never get him to write anything. He would even fight me to write a simple sentence. But he loves your language arts and now writes his 5 paragraph essays following along with the videos!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee first 30 days after course start date.

Join Windows of Wisdom and get reassurance that if the course doesn't work for you, you have 30 days to request your money back with no questions asked. Although all our students have loved the course so far we want to make sure you get value for your money and find our product helpful.